Working with a pro photographer -

a client's perspective


Making the decision to work with a professional photographer can be stressful unless you know what to look for.

Most important is the quality of a person's work, their eye for photography and the results.

Look through the images. Notice the attention to light and composition, notice how it is really clear as to what is showing, whether it be an object, a person, whatever Mike is photographing, it is all very clear and more than just attractive, it tells a story.

I know it sounds silly, if we are only photographing widgets. Even so that clarity and balance should come through. In a sense, each picture should be beautiful, so in this context, I would suggest it would be worthwhile starting by talking to Mike, then you can decide exactly how you want to proceed.

He would be glad to come in and go over it with you or drop in to the studio for a coffee.
He is a wonderful person and very easy to work with.

Coffee Maker