Mike Parker

About Mike Parker:

I love the process of making great images,
sometimes as part of a group effort,
sometimes alone.

I don't like sitting still,
being quiet,
or doing nothing.

I love great lighting,
things that make you look twice,
and things that look simple but are really complicated.



what our clients say:

"You guys were legendary yesterday - probably the most productive day of photography in the history of Guinness.
                  Truly, deeply appreciated!
The Brand ID is shaping up to be something very special indeed. Thank you for your great work."    

Jonathan Urch - Brand Manager
, NewYork


"Dear Mike and crew
Just wanted to say thanks so much for a great day. It was a fabulous experience and I am sure that the results will be great. Video looks awesome already on YouTube"    

Karen Judd - President,
Juddlies Designs, Toronto


"Thank you so much Mike. You have a great place and you captured many fresh and exciting looks for us .

Everything looks AMAZING !!!! ..... you did  fabulous job at the touch ups .

I can't thank you all enough. These are all PERFECT big hugs for making everything look FABULOUS. Cheers to your excellent team."

Catherine Curtis
Fashion Designer


When we're looking for intriguing, unique, creative photography, we call Mike".

           Jim Brickman
           Brick Brewing Company